Monday, 28 January 2008


I just wanna say a massive thanks to everyone that came along and showed me a brilliant time and to Count Me In for doing the gig and to all the other acts that played. I was gutted Kelly Kemp couldn't make it but it was made great fun by a lively, subversive atmosphere. We started up in a great space called The Global Cafe, a cafe packed full of leftie reading material and the like. I got to do about 4 tunes before time was called, I didn't wanna get the place into trouble but I did want to keep on playing, at which point someone whispered in my ear that there was a squat up the road with a massive garden we can finish off the gig at. Everyone marched together to the squat and we finished up there after a round to the offy for some crates. This empty building had been taken over by squatters who had nurtured a very impressive garden and made it avaliable to the whole community. It had a lovely vibe and I enjoyed myself muchly playing new tunes and jamming with my friend Sam Russo. At the end of my set I crawled out of a whole in the fence to catch a train back to London, accompanied by a handful of brilliant people who kindly walked me the 15 minutes walk to the station to make sure I made the last train and didn't need a place to crash- how often does that happen!! About 5 minutes after I leave the squat and the police turn up (if only my life was like that) a few words were exchanged but as far as I can gather it all ended peacefully and eventually everyone got home- even me!

hope, peace & soul


jamming in the garden
Not sure how I managed to get my bag through the 'exit'
i think they just wanted a sing-a-long

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